Get ready for it. The BBC has a report about General Practitioners staying away from work if there is a crisis with the H1N1 pandemic. It may not be long before everyone is tired of the media saturation concerning “death-in-service.”  But it sounds as though the UK does have a bit of a problem of their hands.  According to Dr. Dean Marshall, unless physicians die on a day when they are at work, their families will not be paid out.  From the BBC:

“For locum doctors, of which there are several thousand, the situation is further complicated by arrangements for death-in-service payments.

Under current arrangements, pay-outs to family would be made only if the doctor died during days when they were working.

Dr Marshall said: ‘A locum could die at the weekend and their family might not get a pay-out. That is not fair and could make some think twice about helping out.”‘

Ouch, I would stay home as well if I was faced with that sort of loophole in my coverage and protection of my family.  A deal needs to be worked out soon in order to stop this from becoming an issue before it is too late and the UK is staring down a dangerous pandemic while still trying to negotiate with their physicians.  Interesting what type of issues this pandemic has brought up in the health community, from surveillance to employee protection.

Thanks to the link via H5N1.