Kevin MD responds with enthusiasm that Obama has addressed malpractice reform and defensive medicine.

AMA response.

Almost all of the rest of the responses I’ve seen are political and honestly don’t add much of anything to the discussion because they address the issues.  But then again, isn’t that what politics is?

I think my favorite may be the Republican’s pre-buttal which really says nothing except for ‘this is what the AMA thinks and we agree on this point’ and then goes on about their crowding out private business nonsense.  I truly don’t believe that argument as whichever systems are efficient enough and bring in enough customers will survive, businesses who don’t provide good service at a good price will be pushed out of the market.  What’s crazy is that private efficiency seems to be the GOP’s stance on most things but apparently now pushing efficiency in the private sector is not important when dealing with one of our most inefficient policy systems.  Craziness.