Harvey Karp has finally come out with the 2nd of 3 articles concerning vaccines and autism and its decent again.  he does a good job of putting the truth out there debunking 4 myths about autism and vaccines.  As his topic headings put it:

1) Too many shots can overwhelm a child and cause autism. No!

2) Shots hurt the brains of extra-sensitive children. No!

3) Doctors push risky shots on children to make more money. Please!

4) Shots can be delayed. MAYBE…but only those risking your child’s health.

All great points, and then he drops the stupid bomb with this little gem…”I’ll discuss the worrisome compounds known as…endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs).”  As far as I can tell (and I’m pretty sure I can use Google Scholar and PubMed just as well as he can) there isn’t even a plausible mechanism for how these EDCs can cause autism (although they do come with other risks, here’s some BPA info for ya).  So I’ll be waiting patiently for Dr. Karp to follow up two pretty well reasoned posts with a load of bullshit.