Ouch…although it’s not surprising coming from the UK, the ultimate nanny state, members of the British Medical Association (BMA) voiced support at their annual meeting for a minimum pricing strategy for a unit of alcohol.  Although I support measures at keeping the public safe from rampant social ills like tobacco use and rampant binge drinking, this may take it a little too far.  Personally I like the idea of “sin taxes” on certain items, but setting a price floor smacks of too much control for my liking.

Dr. Peter Maguire says:

“Excessive consumption of alcohol and related diseases affect all parts of society. We believe that measures such as introducing a minimum price for alcohol and ensuring that alcoholic drinks are clearly labelled to indicate alcoholic content are essential as part of the strategy for tackling the burden of alcohol-related diseases.”

The BMA would also like to see alcohol banned from advertisements in the media.  I support this idea and similar proposals in the US to keep pharmaceutical companies from direct-to-consumer advertising (patients aren’t really the consumers in prescription drugs anyway, without physician approval you can’t get access, meaning patients are beneficiaries of the physicians, who are the true consumers in this market).

Let the accusations of socialism fly, I guess I’m ready to deal with them…