From the best new blog on the internet NCBI ROFL, acute management of the zipper-entrapped penis!

Morning Sickness isn’t a Sickness, its an Adaptation…

Men know what’s hot, women haven’t decided…

Another NCBI ROFL, Does this outfit make me look like I wanna get laid?

Genetic Link for Perfect Pitch…like I say, there’s a gene for everything

“All women have the exact same strong feelings about Angelina Jolie, and no matter what they say, it is thinly veiled jealousy. Your neighbour will start to wonder about you kissing Angelina Jolie on Monday. At first she will realise that this is her one opportunity to beat Angelina Jolie by being a better kisser. Then she will imagine the kiss chain from her, to you, to Angelina Jolie, to Brad Pitt. This will seal the deal in her mind.” — So you want to kiss your sexy neighbor, but you’ve never even said hello…this guy is kinda crazy but creative as hell, he should write for CSI

Soon to Be Outdated Beliefs