Ok, well its not all out in the open like that but it should be. There has been a steady stream of chatter from Psychiatrist Doug Bremner about the railroading he is getting from Emory University. Dr. Bremner has published some work that is not flattering to some Big Pharma companies, a group that Emory has been accused of aligning with and not reporting conflicts of interest (institutional ethics at its worst). Previously the University stone-walled Dr. Bremner’s book release by failing to mobilize any sort of its PR machine (Emory has a huge PR machine that usually promotes all publications by faculty) and they have recently asked him to take the University’s name off of his blog.

Both the book and blog are titled “Before You Take That Pill” and report on health care issues and things related to pharma.  Academic freedom and freedom from censorship apparently don’t mean much at Emory.