Ok, so I’m a week behind on this but caught it on WhiteCoat’s Call Room, pretty funny stuff and I don’t know how true it is but with the July 1st turnover all of the 4th year medical students are now interns, the interns are now residents, and some residents have now become attendings.  Of course this means that for the first crucial months of these training programs the error rate spikes, how’s this for an example, set to the Mastercard “priceless” ads:

Medical school education: $240,000
Brand new white lab jacket with embroidered name: $37.50
Four pack of Red Bull to keep you up all night during your first call: $9.00
Obstetrical textbook to learn about the stages of labor: $219
Three one-minute cell phone calls to the chief resident to update him on the patient who is pushing but whose cervix remains “fingertip” dilated: $1.20
Spanish-English dictionary to find out why the patient keeps saying something sounding like “debo empujar” (”I have to push”) and keeps calling you “pendejo“: $16.95
Watching the OB nurse double check the patient’s cervix, flip out, and call for a STAT c-section because the patient’s cervix is fully dilated, the newborn is in a breech presentation, and you’ve been sticking your finger in the kid’s anus instead of the mom’s cervix for the past 30 minutes: priceless