Last week I wrote about Emory tossing Dr. Doug Bremner under the bus, requesting that he remove his affiliation with Emory from his blog.  The university decided to tap the brakes on the issue (rumor has it just before the New York Times ran a story about the situation) and relented to following their own policy.

From a letter dated July 10th sent to Dr. Bremner it seems that Emory has decided it is unfair to single out one employee (emphases mine); “however, University policy of course allows faculty members to use their Emory faculty titles in blogs such as yours that express their opinion.”  That is a rather quick turn around from this letter sent in April saying, “Emory policies prohibit the use of Emory’s name, logos, trademarks and letterhead for personal, non-Emory business…remove Emory’s letterhead, including its name and logo from your blog site and let me know when you have accomplished this.”  Full copies of all three letters sent to Dr. Bremner about this can be found here.

Claudia Adkinson is apparently not familiar with the policies of the school or attempts to mandate when they are and aren’t in effect as she is the sole signatory to both of the letters I have quoted.

I’ve enjoyed reading about this scuffaw but seeing as how I don’t blog anonymously I will most likely withdraw my application from Emory’s School of Medicine this application cycle, there were a good amount of hits on the blog from the network and I assume I will be blacklisted. Se la vie, telling the truth comes at a cost, but I will regret knocking a warm climate school off of my list.