I loved this book by Michael Pollan and I hope the two hour documentary can live up to the same standard.  From the previews I’ve seen and videos on the PBS website it looks like it will combine some amazing photography, science and the history of plants domination over us. It is an interesting way to look at our relationship to plants and one that is fascinating in our “human-centric view” of the way the world works.

The documentary will take on the survival strategies of the tulip, apple, marijuana and potato and how these survival strategies have exploited our biological desires in order to become a cultivated crop. The same way that pollinators such as bees and butterflies are used to spread pollen these plants have used humans to be spread across the globe in a bid for as much cultivated space as possible.

From the few people I’ve talked to who have received preview copies of the program it will be spectacular and live up to the standards of PBS documentaries (which I love). Be sure to check our local listings and give this a watch, it is sure to teach you something and inspire you to look at the world through different lenses.