Vestigial Organs Not So Useless After All via National Geographic

How Different Groups Spend Their Day via NYTimes (great use of interactive graphics!)

10 Ways To Fry Your Heart via The Inquisitr

Vladimir Nabokov Discusses “Lolita” via Boing Boing (my favorite book of all-time, and possibly the best novelist’s novel written)

Elaine Morgan Says We Evolved From Aquatic Apes via TED (for the record, we didn’t evolve from aquatic apes but TED isn’t a bastion of scientific knowledge.  Even so, it is still one of my favorite organizations and was a pioneer in free video lectures on the net)

Advice for Dating a Med Student via Fox News (did I really just link Fox News, really?)


Vibrator Use Among American Men and Women

Keep Your Woman Happy In Your Relationship

Afterbirth: It’s What’s For Dinner

Childhood Obesity: Diabetes and What We Teach Kids In School

Cancer Basics Part 3: Telomerase, Immortality and Wnt Signaling

This post is a collection of items I’ve read in the last few days I don’t have time to comment about.  This is collected from over 400 RSS feeds and 100 science/medicine twitter users.

Another reason NOT to drink bottled water via Trusted.MD

Hang hygiene removes influenza virus via Virology Blog

Male Sex Chromosome Losing Genes By Rapid Evolution, Study Reveals via Science Daily

Improvements In Sexual And Reproductive Health Of Teens And Young Adults Slowing via Medical news today

Fat mice missing a specific kind of “junk DNA” more likely to be diabetic via Scientific American

Differences in Obesity Prevalence Among Black, Hispanic and White Adults – US 2006-2008

Motherhood Is Not A Medical Disorder

Hospital Rankings Released By U.S. News And World Report

Drug Approvals, Natural And Unnatural

The curious case of the schizophrenia GWAS

Are we insane?

Potential Failure Of Oral Contraceptives With Obese Women Explained

Power-pops – Lollipops that cause weight loss?

Swine flu ‘unstoppable’: WHO official

Human genetics: One gene, twenty years

Eight To 14 Weekly Units Of Booze Boosts Overall Tally Of Days Spent In Hospital

Parasites May Have Had Role In Evolution Of Sex ( I would say definitely instead of may)

Resistance to an extinct virus makes us more vulnerable to HIV