A victory for sex education in US as the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee has approved a spending bill that does not include money for abstinence-only sex education.  I’ve written previously about how ineffective abstinence-only education is and shown that it does not lower rates of sexually active teens while it does raise the pregnancy risk of teenagers.  This is a step forward for comprehensive sex education and Congress has been slowly backing off of abstinence-only education since 2007.

For a long while now there has been a current that believes that ignorance is the best education when it comes to sex but for the health of your own children shouldn’t they know about what healthy sexual activity is and the risks they are running (physically)?  My parents did a very good job with my sex education and I’ve managed to have a fruitful and safe history, how’s that anecdote.  Good move by the government and with everyone up in arms about the failures of late this is something to smile about just a little.


ResearchBlogging.orgYes another sex article (what can I say other than they’re fascinating and entertaining to read at the same time) but maybe not as risque as vibrator use.  PhD student Rui Miguel Costa and Professor Stuart Brody surveyed 30 Portuguese women (mean age 25.8, SD 5.33) to find out whether frequency of different sexual behaviors and corresponding orgasm rates could be linked with relationship quality.  The article, published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, (of course behind a subscription pay-wall, sorry guys) came out with some interesting conclusions, like penile-vaginal intercourse orgasm and frequency was positively correlated with quality measures while masturbation was negatively correlated to love.

The women surveyed responded to questions about sexual behavior as well as a six component quality survey, the Perceived Relationship Quality Components Inventory (PRQC).  This survey measured satisfaction, commitment, intimacy, trust, passion, and love on a 7-point scale.  Let’s check out some data.

Correlation between sexual behavior and relationship quality

Masturbation was only significantly correlated with one measure on the study, love (more…)